The city of Luxembourg is the capital of , and with a population just above 100,000 it is the second smallest national capital of the European Union, after 's .
Photo: Streppel, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Notable Places in the Area

Government office
The is an inter-institutional office of the European…

is the national stadium of , home to the Luxembourg national football team and also used for rugby union and athletics. Photo: Cornischong, CC BY-SA 1.0.

is a historic fortification in Luxembourg City, in southern . Photo: Wikimedia, CC BY 2.5.

The , abbreviated to MNHA, is a museum located in Luxembourg City, in southern . Photo: Johnny Chicago, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Localities in the Area

is a quarter in north-eastern Luxembourg City, in southern .

Kirchberg is a quarter in north-eastern Luxembourg City, in southern . Photo: Cayambe, CC BY-SA 3.0.


  • Type: City
  • Description: capital city of the country Luxembourg
  • Categories: capital, municipality of Luxembourg and big city
  • Location: , , ,
  • Postal codes: L-1111, L-1112, L-1113, L-1114, L-1115, L-1116, L-1117, L-1118, L-1119, L-1120, L-1121, L-1122, L-1123, L-1124, L-1125, L-1126, L-1127, L-1128, L-1129, L-1130, L-1131, L-1132, L-1133, L-1134, L-1135, L-1136, L-1138, L-1139, L-1140, L-1141, L-1142, L-1143, L-1144, L-1145, L-1146, L-1147, L-1148, L-1149, L-1150, L-1151, L-1152, L-1159, L-1160, L-1161, L-1208, L-1210, L-1211, L-1212, L-1213, L-1214, L-1215, L-1217, L-1218, L-1219, L-1220, L-1221, L-1222, L-1224, L-1225, L-1226, L-1227, L-1229, L-1230, L-1233, L-1234, L-1235, L-1236, L-1237, L-1238, L-1240, L-1241, L-1242, L-1243, L-1244, L-1246, L-1247, L-1248, L-1249, L-1250, L-1251, L-1252, L-1253, L-1254, L-1255, L-1256, L-1257, L-1258, L-1260, L-1261, L-1262, L-1263, L-1264, L-1265, L-1266, L-1267, L-1268, L-1269, L-1270, L-1271, L-1272, L-1273, L-1275, L-1277, L-1278, L-1279, L-1280, L-1281, L-1309, L-1310, L-1311, L-1312, L-1313, L-1314, L-1316, L-1317, L-1318, L-1319, L-1320, L-1321, L-1322, L-1323, L-1324, L-1325, L-1326, L-1327, L-1328, L-1329, L-1330, L-1331, L-1332, L-1333, L-1335, L-1336, L-1337, L-1338, L-1340, L-1341, L-1342, L-1343, L-1344, L-1345, L-1346, L-1347, L-1349, L-1351, L-1352, L-1354, L-1355, L-1356, L-1357, L-1358, L-1359, L-1361, L-1362, L-1364, L-1365, L-1367, L-1368, L-1369, L-1370, L-1371, L-1372, L-1374, L-1375, L-1409, L-1411, L-1412, L-1413, L-1414, L-1415, L-1416, L-1417, L-1418, L-1419, L-1420, L-1421, L-1424, L-1425, L-1426, L-1427, L-1428, L-1429, L-1430, L-1431, L-1432, L-1433, L-1434, L-1449, L-1450, L-1451, L-1452, L-1453, L-1454, L-1456, L-1457, L-1458, L-1459, L-1460, L-1461, L-1462, L-1463, L-1464, L-1465, L-1466, L-1468, L-1469, L-1470, L-1471, L-1472, L-1473, L-1474, L-1475, L-1476, L-1477, L-1478, L-1479, L-1480, L-1481, L-1482, L-1484, L-1490, L-1499, L-1509, L-1510, L-1511, L-1512, L-1513, L-1514, L-1515, L-1517, L-1518, L-1519, L-1520, L-1521, L-1522, L-1525, L-1526, L-1527, L-1528, L-1529, L-1530, L-1531, L-1532, L-1533, L-1534, L-1535, L-1536, L-1537, L-1539, L-1540, L-1541, L-1542, L-1543, L-1544, L-1545, L-1546, L-1548, L-1549, L-1550, L-1610, L-1611, L-1613, L-1615, L-1616, L-1617, L-1618, L-1619, L-1620, L-1621, L-1622, L-1623, L-1624, L-1626, L-1627, L-1628, L-1629, L-1630, L-1631, L-1632, L-1633, L-1634, L-1635, L-1636, L-1637, L-1639, L-1640, L-1641, L-1642, L-1643, L-1644, L-1645, L-1647, L-1648, L-1649, L-1650, L-1651, L-1653, L-1654, L-1655, L-1660, L-1661, L-1710, L-1711, L-1712, L-1713, L-1714, L-1716, L-1717, L-1718, L-1719, L-1720, L-1721, L-1722, L-1723, L-1724, L-1725, L-1726, L-1727, L-1728, L-1729, L-1730, L-1731, L-1732, L-1733, L-1734, L-1735, L-1737, L-1738, L-1739, L-1740, L-1741, L-1742, L-1743, L-1744, L-1745, L-1746, L-1747, L-1750, L-1811, L-1812, L-1814, L-1815, L-1817, L-1820, L-1821, L-1831, L-1832, L-1833, L-1834, L-1835, L-1836, L-1837, L-1838, L-1839, L-1840, L-1841, L-1845, L-1850, L-1851, L-1852, L-1853, L-1854, L-1855, L-1856, L-1857, L-1858, L-1859, L-1860, L-1861, L-1862, L-1863, L-1864, 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49.6113° or 49° 36' 40.6" north
6.1298° or 6° 7' 47.3" east
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316 metres (1037 feet)
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Also Known As

  • Afrikaans: Luxemburg
  • Albanian: Luksemburgu
  • Amharic: ሉክሰምበርግ
  • Arabic: Luxemburgo
  • Arabic: العاصمة لوكسمبورج
  • Arabic: العاصمة لوكسمبورغ
  • Arabic: لوكسمبورج
  • Arabic: لوكسمبورج العاصمة
  • Arabic: لوكسمبورغ
  • Arabic: لوكسمبورغ العاصمة
  • Arabic: مدينة لوكسمبورج
  • Arabic: مدينة لوكسمبورغ
  • Aragonese: Luxemburgo
  • Armenian: Լյուքսեմբուրգ
  • Arpitan: Luxembôrg
  • Asturian: Luxemburgu
  • Avaric: Люксембург
  • Azerbaijani: Lüksemburq
  • Basque: Luxenburgo
  • Belarusian: Люксембург
  • Belarusian: Люксэмбург (горад)
  • Belarusian: Люксэмбург
  • Bengali: লুক্সেমবার্গ
  • Bengali: লুক্সেমবুর্গ
  • Bengali: লুক্সেমবুর্গ শহর
  • Bosnian: Luxembourg
  • Breton: Luksembourg
  • Bulgarian: Люксембург
  • Burmese: လူဇင်ဘတ်နိုင်ငံ
  • Catalan: Ciutat de Luxemburg
  • Cebuano: Luxembourg
  • Central Kurdish: لوکسەمبورگ
  • Chechen: Люксембург
  • Chinese: Luxembourg
  • Chinese: 卢森堡城
  • Chinese: 卢森堡市
  • Chinese: 盧森堡
  • Chinese: 盧森堡城
  • Chinese: 盧森堡市
  • Chuvash: Люксембург
  • Croatian: Luxembourg
  • Czech: Lucemburk
  • Danish: Luxembourg
  • Dimli (individual language): Luksemburg
  • Dutch: Luxemburg (stad)
  • Dutch: Luxemburg
  • Egyptian Arabic: لوكسمبورج
  • Egyptian Arabic: مدينه لوكسمبورج
  • English: City of Luxembourg
  • English: Luxembourg City
  • English: Luxemburg
  • Erzya: Люксембург ош
  • Esperanto: Luksemburgo
  • Esperanto: Luksemburgurbo
  • Estonian: Luxembourg
  • Faroese: Luksemburg
  • Faroese: Luxembourg
  • Finnish: Luxembourg
  • Finnish: Luxemburg
  • French: Luxembourg
  • French: Luxembourg-Ville
  • French: Ville de Luxembourg
  • Galician: Luxemburgo
  • Georgian: ლუქსემბურგი
  • German: Luxemburg
  • German: Luxemburg-Stadt
  • German: Luxemburg Stadt
  • German: Stadt Luxemburg
  • Greek: Λουξεμβούργο
  • Gujarati: લક્ઝેમ્બર્ગ
  • Haitian: Liksanbou
  • Hakka Chinese: Luxembourg Sṳ
  • Hausa: Luxembourg Sṳ
  • Hebrew: לוקסמבורג
  • Hindi: लक्ज़मबर्ग
  • Hindi: लक्ज़मबर्ग नगर
  • Hindi: लक्ज़मबर्ग शहर
  • Hungarian: Luxembourg
  • Icelandic: Lúxemborg
  • Ido: Luxemburg
  • Indonesian: Luksemburg
  • Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association): Luxemburg
  • Interlingue: Luxemburg
  • Irish: Lucsamburg
  • Italian: Lussemburgo
  • Japanese: ルクセンブルク
  • Japanese: ルクセンブルク市
  • Javanese: Luksemburg
  • Kalaallisut: Luxembourg
  • Kannada: ಲಕ್ಸೆಂಬರ್ಗ್
  • Kannada: ಲುಕ್ಸೆಂಬೂರ್ಗ್
  • Kashubian: Luksembùrg
  • Kazakh: Люксембург
  • Kirghiz: Люксембург
  • Komi: Люксембург
  • Korean: 룩셈부르크
  • Kurdish: Lûksembûrg
  • Latin: Luxemburgum
  • Latvian: Luksemburga
  • Ligurian: Luxemburgo
  • Limburgan: Luxemburg
  • Limburgan: Luxembörg
  • Lithuanian: Liuksemburgas
  • Lombard: Lüssemburgh
  • Luxembourgish: D'Stad
  • Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg (Stad)
  • Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg
  • Luxembourgish: Stad Lëtzebuerg
  • Macedonian: Луксембург
  • Malay: Bandar Luxembourg
  • Malayalam: ലക്സംബർഗ് സിറ്റി
  • Maltese: Lussemburgu
  • Manx: Lucsemburg
  • Maori: Rakapuō
  • Marathi: लक्झेंबर्ग
  • Min Dong Chinese: Luxembourg Chê
  • Min Nan Chinese: Luxembourg (siâⁿ)
  • Mingrelian: ლუქსემბურგი
  • Mongolian: Люксембург
  • Moroccan Arabic: لوكسمبورڭ
  • Northern Frisian: Luxemborj
  • Northern Luri: لوگزامبورگ
  • Northern Sami: Luxemburg
  • Norwegian: Luxembourg
  • Norwegian Bokmål: Luxembourg (by)
  • Norwegian Bokmål: Luxembourg by
  • Norwegian Nynorsk: Luxembourg by
  • Novial: Luxembourg
  • Occitan (post 1500): Luxemborg
  • Ossetian: Люксембург
  • Pampanga: Lakanbalen ning Luksemburgu
  • Pampanga: Luksemburgu
  • Pampanga: Luksemburgu Lakanbalen
  • Panjabi: ਲਕਸਮਬਰਗ
  • Persian: لوکزامبورگ
  • Piemontese: Lussemborgh
  • Polish: Luksemburg
  • Portuguese: Luxemburgo
  • Quechua: Luksimbur
  • Romanian: Luxemburg
  • Russian: Город Люксембург
  • Russian: Люксембург
  • Rusyn: Луксембург
  • Sardinian: Lussemburgu
  • Saterfriesisch: Luxembuurich
  • Scots: Luxembourg
  • Scottish Gaelic: Lucsamburg
  • Serbian: Luksemburg
  • Serbian: Луксембург
  • Serbo-Croatian: Luksemburg
  • Serbo-Croatian: Luxembourg
  • Shona: Luxembourg City
  • Silesian: Luksymburg
  • Sinhala: ලක්සම්බර්ගය
  • Slovak: Luxemburg
  • Slovenian: Luksemburg
  • Spanish: Ciudad de Luxemburgo
  • Spanish: Luxemburgo
  • Swahili: Luxemburg
  • Swedish: Luxembourg
  • Swedish: Luxembourg City
  • Swedish: Luxembourgs stad
  • Swedish: Luxemburg
  • Swedish: Luxemburg City
  • Swedish: Luxemburgs stad
  • Swiss German: Luxeburg
  • Tagalog: Lungsod ng Luksemburgo
  • Tagalog: Lungsod ng Luxembourg
  • Tajik: Люксембург
  • Tamil: லக்சம்பர்க்
  • Tatar: Люксембург
  • Tatar: Лүксимбур
  • Telugu: లక్సెంబర్గ్
  • Thai: นครลักเซมเบิร์ก
  • Thai: ลักเซมเบิร์ก
  • Tibetan: ལུ་སེམ་བའུརག
  • Tosk Albanian: Luxemburg (Stadt)
  • Tosk Albanian: Luxemburg
  • Turkish: Lüksemburg
  • Turkish: Lüksemburg Şehri
  • Turkmen: Luksemburg
  • Udmurt: Люксембург
  • Uighur: ليۇكسېمبۇرگ شەھىرى
  • Ukrainian: Люксембург
  • Upper Sorbian: Luxemburg
  • Urdu: لکسمبرگ
  • Urdu: لکسمبرگ شہر
  • Uzbek: Lyuksemburg (shahar)
  • Uzbek: Lyuksemburg
  • Venetian: Lusenburgo
  • Veps: Lüksemburg-lidn
  • Veps: Lüksemburg
  • Vietnamese: Luxembourg
  • Volapük: Luxemburg
  • Volapük: Lëtzebuerg
  • Võro: Luxembourg
  • Walloon: Lussimbork veye
  • Waray (Philippines): Luxemburgo
  • Welsh: Dinas Lwcsembwrg
  • Western Frisian: Lúksemboarch
  • Western Panjabi: لکسمبرگ
  • Wolof: Luksambuur
  • Wu Chinese: 卢森堡 (城市)
  • Yakut: Лүксембург
  • Yoruba: Luxembourg
  • Yue Chinese: 盧森堡城
  • Letzeburg
  • Lucilinburhuc
  • Luscemburgo
  • Thành phố Luxembourg
  • Āltepētl Luxemburgo
  • 卢森堡

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