Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost state of . It borders and has coasts on both the North and Baltic Seas. This is one of the flattest parts of Germany and it is culturally very close to , as well as other .

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The Hanseatic City of is the largest port on the Baltic Sea and the second-largest city in , situated at the mouth of the river Trave.

is the closest of the boroughs of to the Baltic Sea.

is the capital city of the state of and has a population of roughly 240,000.

belongs to the and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany.


The , German: die Nordfriesische Inseln, North Frisian: Nuurdfresk Eilunen, are an archipelago in in northern , separated from the mainland by the .

is a city in located on the east coast.

is a city in , at the coast of the Baltic Sea.

is the fourth largest city in with a population of approx.

is in . is among the points on the German mainland offering service to .

is in . Unlike many other German North Sea destinations, Sankt Peter Ording is rather exposed to the sea, as it sits at the western edge of the peninsula of Eiderstedt.

is an island in the southern Baltic Sea, belonging to , .

is a city in . Despite what you may think, is not pronounced with a German "ö" sound at the end, but rather with a long "o", so the correct pronunciation sounds almost like "It's a hoe".

is in . 's main claim to fame is its position on the Kiel canal with a major railway bridge over said canal.

is a city west of . has a population of roughly 38,000.

is in . One of the northernmost cities in Germany, was part…

is a town in , the northernmost state of .

is in . is mostly known for the Karl May festival held here annually.

is a town in the region of , with a population of 16,000 inhabitants, the largest town in Plön district.


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