Lower Normandy

Lower Normandy comprises the western half of in northern . Administratively, the region was divided into three departments whose borders are shown on the map: Manche on the west, Calvados east of that along the coast, and Orne inland on the south side.
Photo: Viault, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Popular Destinations

is the capital of the Calvados department in northern . Photo: Viault, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a small UNESCO World Heritage site on an island just off the coast near in the region of Lower Normandy in northern . Photo: ines s., CC BY 2.0.

is the capital of the Manche department in . Photo: Ikmo-ned, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a city in Basse Normandie on the River Sarthe. Photo: Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0.


is a small town in northern within Lower Normandy. Photo: Myrabella, CC0.

is a commune in the department in the Normandy region in northwestern . Photo: Ikmo-ned, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a town surrounding a beautiful little 17th-century harbor in Calvados, Lower Normandy. Photo: Iwiradi, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a town on the coast in the south-west corner of , at the base of the Cotentin Peninsula. is quite nearby. Photo: Traveler100, CC BY-SA 4.0.

is a fashionable seaside resort in the Calvados département of the region of Lower Normandy in . Photo: Viault, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a commune and the seat of two cantons and of an arrondissement in the department in northwestern . Photo: Ikmo-ned, CC BY-SA 4.0.

is a town on the Ante River in the region of Lower Normandy, south of the regional center . Photo: Viault, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a town on the Cotentin Peninsula of Lower Normandy, south of Cherbourg. Photo: Selbymay, CC BY-SA 4.0.

is a seaside village near in Lower Normandy. Photo: Myrabella, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a commune in the department and region of Normandy in north-western . Photo: Xfigpower, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a town and a former commune in the department in the Normandy region in northwestern . Photo: Ikmo-ned, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is a popular tourist attraction and fishing village in Lower Normandy bordering . Photo: bortescristian, CC BY 2.0.

is a commune in the department in region in northwestern . Photo: Rundvald, Public domain.

is a village in Calvados départment of Lower Normandy, . Photo: Ikmo-ned, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is in , near the base of the Cherbourg peninsula. Photo: Archangel12, CC BY 2.0.

Cherbourg is a port town at the north end of the Cotentin Peninsula in , . Photo: Thilver, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Lower Normandy

Latitude of center
49° or 49° north
Longitude of center
-1° or 1° west

Also Known As

  • Afrikaans: Basse-Normandie
  • Albanian: Normandia e Poshtme
  • Arabic: Basse-Normandie
  • Arabic: باس نورماندي
  • Aragonese: Baixa Normandía
  • Armenian: Ներքին Նորմանդիա
  • Armenian: Ստորին Նորմանդիա
  • Arpitan: Bâssa-Normandie
  • Asturian: Baxa Normandía
  • Aymara: Basse-Normandie suyu
  • Azerbaijani: Aşağı Normandiya
  • Azerbaijani: Bəs-Normandi
  • Basque: Normandia Beherea
  • Belarusian: Ніжняя Нармандыя
  • Belarusian: рэгіён Ніжняя Нармандыя
  • Bengali: বাস্‌-নর্‌মঁদি
  • Bosnian: Donja Normandija
  • Breton: Normandi-Izel
  • Bulgarian: Долна Нормандия
  • Catalan: Baixa Normandia
  • Cebuano: Basse-Normandie
  • Chechen: Лаха Норманди
  • Chechen: Лахара Норманди
  • Chinese: Basse-Normandie
  • Chinese: 下諾曼底
  • Chinese: 下諾曼第
  • Chinese: 下诺曼底
  • Chuvash: Анат Норманди
  • Croatian: Donja Normandija
  • Czech: Dolní Normandie
  • Danish: Basse-Normandie
  • Dimli (individual language): Normandiya Cêrêne
  • Dutch: Basse-Normandie
  • Esperanto: Malsupra Normandio
  • Estonian: Alam-Normandia
  • Finnish: Basse-Normandie
  • French: Basse-Normandie
  • French: Basse Normandie
  • Galician: Baixa Normandía
  • Georgian: ქვემო ნორმანდია
  • German: Basse-Normandie
  • Greek: Κάτω Νορμανδία
  • Hakka Chinese: Hâ Normandy
  • Hausa: Hâ Normandy
  • Hebrew: נורמנדי תחתית
  • Hungarian: Alsó-Normandia
  • Ido: Basa Normandia
  • Indonesian: Normandia Bawah
  • Italian: Bassa Normandia
  • Japanese: バス=ノルマンディー地域圏
  • Javanese: Basse-Normandie
  • Kazakh: Төменгі Нормандия
  • Korean: 바스노르망디
  • Kurdish: Basse-Normandie
  • Ladino: Baja Normandia
  • Latin: Normannia Inferior
  • Latvian: Lejasnormandija
  • Lithuanian: Žemutinė Normandija
  • Lombard: Basse-Normandie
  • Luxembourgish: Basse-Normandie
  • Macedo-Romanian: Basse-Normandie
  • Macedonian: Долна Нормандија
  • Malay: Basse-Normandie
  • Marathi: बास-नोर्मंदी
  • Min Nan Chinese: Basse-Normandie
  • Mingrelian: თუდოლენი ნორმანდია
  • Mongolian: Доод Норманди
  • Mongolian: Доор Норманд
  • Narom: Basse-Normaundie
  • Nepali: तल्लो नोर्मान्डी
  • Northern Luri: نرماندی لاهار
  • Northern Sami: Basse-Normandie
  • Norwegian: Basse-Normandie
  • Norwegian Bokmål: Basse-Normandie
  • Norwegian Nynorsk: Basse-Normandie
  • Occitan (post 1500): Bassa Normandia
  • Ossetian: Дæллаг Норманди
  • Pampanga: Basse-Normandie
  • Panjabi: ਹੇਠਲੀ ਨੋਰਮਾਂਦੀ
  • Persian: نرماندی سفلی
  • Piemontese: Bassa Normandìa
  • Polish: Dolna Normandia
  • Portuguese: Baixa Normandia
  • Quechua: Basse-Normandie
  • Romanian: Normandia Inferioară
  • Romanian: Normandia de Jos
  • Russian: Нижняя Нормандия
  • Scots: Lawer Normandy
  • Scottish Gaelic: Basse-Normandie
  • Serbian: Доња Нормандија
  • Serbo-Croatian: Donja Normandija
  • Sicilian: Vascia Nurmannia
  • Slovak: Dolná Normandia
  • Slovenian: Spodnja Normandija
  • South Azerbaijani: یوخاری نورماندی
  • Spanish: Baja Normandia
  • Spanish: Baja Normandía
  • Swahili: Basse-Normandie
  • Swedish: Basse-Normandie
  • Tagalog: Ibabang Normandia
  • Thai: แคว้นบัส-นอร์ม็องดี
  • Turkish: Aşağı Normandiya
  • Ukrainian: Нижня Нормандія
  • Urdu: زیریں نورمنڈی
  • Venetian: Basa Normandia
  • Vietnamese: Basse-Normandie
  • Waray (Philippines): Basse-Normandie
  • Welsh: Basse-Normandie
  • Western Frisian: Leech-Normandje
  • Western Frisian: Neder-Normandje
  • Western Panjabi: تھلواں نارمنڈی
  • Wu Chinese: 下诺曼底
  • Yue Chinese: 下諾曼第
  • Ala-Normandia

Popular Destinations in Normandy

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