Guizhou is a province in southwestern . The local dialect of Guizhou is similar to that of Sichuan. Few can understand English. Standard Mandarin can be understood by most although in the countryside and smaller cities most people may only be able to reply in their local dialect.

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is the capital of province, . While not the most spectacular of Chinese cities, it has much to offer as an introduction to the history, culture and natural splendor of Guizhou and China's southwest.

is a city in , southwestern China.

is a city in northern province, .


is a town in Southeastern . is a pretty Dong minority town nestling in a valley a long way away from anywhere.

is a village in Eastern Guizhou, known as the largest Miao village in China.

is an industrial city in . At the edge of the city, there is a huge power station burning coal.

is a city in Southeastern . It is the main town of its rather rural area, a place to change buses on the route between and .

is a Miao village 20 km south of . Lang De has a lower part at the main road and a more picturesque upper part 2 km upstream the river that flow into the Bala River.

is a city in . is on the tourist circuit solely because of its proximity to Cao Hai Lake.

is a county in popular for clear streams, waterfalls, and an emerald lake.


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