California is located on the west coast of North America. It is the largest U.S. state by population, and the third largest by area. California offers something for everyone: Southern California is home to such popular attractions as Disneyland, Hollywood and …

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The centerpiece of the Bay Area, San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the world, and with good reason.

Frank Lloyd Wright is said to have quipped, "Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles," a quote that has since been repeated both by those who love and hate L.A.

From balmy beaches with a laid-back attitude to a gleaming modern image, San Diego offers much for the tourist to enjoy.


Southern California is a megapolitian area in the southern region of the U.S.

The Bay Area, ringing the San Francisco Bay in northern California, is a geographically diverse and extensive metropolitan region that is home to nearly 8 million inhabitants in cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and San Jose.

The Central Coast of California is a region that remains calm and tranquil.

The Sierra Nevada region of California is its alpine region, covering a large portion of the state's inland territory.

The North Coast of California has beautiful redwoods and small coastal towns.

The Shasta Cascades region of California includes the northeast corner of the state, home to volcanoes, lush forests, high mountains, and clear lakes.

The California Desert is composed of California's entire southeast corner and offers excellent opportunities for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The San Joaquin Valley of California stretches from the Tehachapi Mountains north of Los Angeles up to Sacramento.

The Sacramento Valley is the northern part of the Central Valley in California.

Gold Country is a region of California that includes foothills of the western Sierra Nevada mountains and many historic towns that date to the 1849 California Gold Rush.

Kern County is in California. This huge county extends across a number of geographic regions …


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Other Names for California

  • Afrikaans:  Kalifornië
  • Albanian:  Kalifornia
  • Amharic:  ካሊፎርኒያ
  • Arabic:  كاليفورنيا
  • Armenian:  Կալիֆոռնիա
  • Aymara:  California suyu
  • Azerbaijani:  Kaliforniya
  • Bashkir:  Калифорния
  • Basque:  Kalifornia
  • Bavarian:  Kalifornien
  • Belarusian:  Штат Каліфорнія
  • Bengali:  ক্যালিফোর্নিয়া
  • Bishnupriya:  ক্যালিফোর্নিয়া
  • Bislama:  Kalifornia
  • Bosnian:  Kalifornija
  • Breton:  Kalifornia
  • Bulgarian:  Калифорния
  • Burmese:  ကယ်လီဖိုးနီးယားပြည်နယ်
  • Catalan:  Califòrnia
  • Central Kurdish:  کالیفۆرنیا
  • Chechen:  Калифорни
  • Chinese:  加利福尼亚州
  • Chuvash:  Калифорни
  • Cornish:  Kaliforni
  • Croatian:  Kalifornija
  • Czech:  Kalifornie
  • Danish:  Californien
  • Dimli (individual language):  Kaliforniya
  • Dutch:  Californië
  • Eastern Mari:  Калифорний
  • Egyptian Arabic:  كاليفورنيا
  • English:  California Republic, Golden State, State of California
  • Esperanto:  Kalifornio
  • Faroese:  Kalifornia
  • Finnish:  Kalifornia
  • French:  Californie
  • Gagauz:  Kaliforniya
  • Gan Chinese:  加利福尼亞州
  • Georgian:  კალიფორნია
  • German:  Kalifornien
  • Greek:  Καλιφόρνια
  • Gujarati:  કેલિફોર્નિયા
  • Haitian:  Kalifòni
  • Hakka Chinese:  Kâ-li-fuk-nì-â
  • Hawaiian:  Kaleponi
  • Hebrew:  קליפורניה
  • Hindi:  कैलिफ़ोर्निया
  • Hungarian:  Kalifornia
  • Icelandic:  Kalifornía
  • Ido:  Kalifornia
  • Inuktitut:  ᑳᓖᐴᕐᓃᐊ
  • Japanese:  カリフォルニア州
  • Kabyle:  Kalifurnya
  • Kalmyk:  Калифорни
  • Kannada:  ಕ್ಯಾಲಿಫೊರ್ನಿಯ
  • Kara-Kalpak:  Kaliforniya shtati
  • Karachay-Balkar:  Калифорния
  • Kazakh:  Калифорния
  • Korean:  캘리포니아 주
  • Ladino:  Kalifornia
  • Latvian:  Kalifornija
  • Limburgan:  Californië
  • Lithuanian:  Kalifornija
  • Lojban:  kalifornias
  • Low German:  Kalifornien
  • Lower Sorbian:  Kaliforniska
  • Luxembourgish:  Kalifornien
  • Macedonian:  Калифорнија
  • Malagasy:  Kalifornia
  • Malayalam:  കാലിഫോർണിയ
  • Maori:  Karapōnia
  • Marathi:  कॅलिफोर्निया
  • Mazanderani:  کالیفرنیا
  • Mongolian:  Калифорни
  • Navajo:  Akééháshį́į́h Hahoodzo
  • Nepali (macrolanguage):  क्यालिफोर्निया
  • Newari:  क्यालिफोर्निया
  • Northern Luri:  کالیفورنیا
  • Northern Sami:  Kalifornia
  • Occitan (post 1500):  Califòrnia
  • Ossetian:  Калифорни
  • Pali:  क्यालिफोर्निया
  • Panjabi:  ਕੈਲੀਫ਼ੋਰਨੀਆ
  • Pennsylvania German:  Kalifornie
  • Persian:  کالیفرنیا
  • Picard:  Californie
  • Piemontese:  Califòrnia
  • Polish:  Kalifornia
  • Portuguese:  Califórnia
  • Pushto:  کالېفورنیا
  • Quechua:  California suyu
  • Russia Buriat:  Калифорни
  • Russian:  Калифорния
  • Samogitian:  Kalėfuornėjė
  • Sanskrit:  कालिफ़ोर्निया
  • Sardinian:  Califòrnia
  • Saterfriesisch:  Kalifornien
  • Scots:  Californie
  • Scottish Gaelic:  Calafòrnia
  • Serbian:  Калифорнија
  • Serbo-Croatian:  Kalifornija
  • Silesian:  Kaliforńijo
  • Slovak:  Kalifornia
  • Slovenian:  Kalifornija
  • Somali:  Kalifornia
  • South Azerbaijani:  کالیفورنیا ایالتی
  • Spanish:  Alta California, Estado de California
  • Sundanese:  Kalifornia
  • Swedish:  Kalifornien
  • Tamil:  கலிபோர்னியா
  • Tatar:  Калифорния
  • Telugu:  కాలిఫోర్నియా
  • Thai:  รัฐแคลิฟอร์เนีย
  • Tibetan:  ཁྰ་ལེ་ཧྥོར་ནི་ཡ།
  • Tosk Albanian:  Kalifornien
  • Turkish:  Kaliforniya
  • Uighur:  Kaliforniye Shitati
  • Ukrainian:  Каліфорнія
  • Upper Sorbian:  Kaliforniska
  • Urdu:  کیلیفورنیا
  • Uzbek:  Kaliforniya
  • Venetian:  Całifornia
  • Volapük:  Kalifonän
  • Walloon:  Californeye
  • Welsh:  Califfornia
  • Western Frisian:  Kalifornje
  • Western Mari:  Калифорни
  • Western Panjabi:  کیلیفورنیا
  • Wu Chinese:  加利福尼亚
  • Yakut:  Калифорния
  • Yiddish:  קאליפארניע
  • Yoruba:  Kalifọ́rníà
  • Yue Chinese:  加利福尼亞州
  • Zeeuws:  Californië
  • Albion
  • Calif.
  • California Del Norte
  • California Septentrional
  • California Superior
  • New Albion
  • Noua Albion
  • Nueva California

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