Mexico City

Mexico City is 's capital and the newest of the 32 states of Mexico. Prior to receiving statehood in 2016 it was also known as the Distrito Federal or D.F.
Photo: Havelbaude99, CC BY-SA 3.0. Photo: Wikimedia, GFDL.

Popular Destinations

The old city center or Histórico of Mexico City, around the Plaza de la Constitución, is an area clearly different from the rest of the city. Photo: Uwebart, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is to the south of Mexico City, and gives a glimpse at the effects of rushed urbanization over the years. Photo: Ymblanter, CC BY-SA 4.0.

This relatively large area in the southwest of Mexico City has always been a counterculture hotbed. Photo: Wikimedia, CC0.

is one of the 16 administrative boroughs of Mexico City. Photo: Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 1.0.

Notable Places in the Area

The is a prominent cultural center in Mexico City.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven is the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico. Photo: Wikimedia, CC BY 2.5.

The was the main temple of the Aztec people in their capital city of , which is now Mexico City. Photo: GAED, CC BY-SA 3.0.

The Monument to the Revolution is a landmark and monument commemorating the Mexican Revolution. Photo: Wikimedia, FAL.


is a district of Mexico City. "Chapultepec" means "Grasshopper Hill" in Nahuatl, the language of the "Aztecs". Photo: Ymblanter, CC BY-SA 3.0.

The district of Mexico City is a residential and restaurant area on both sides of Insurgentes avenue between Viaducto Miguel Alemán in the south and Avenida Chapultepec in the north. Photo: Payton Chung, CC BY 2.0.

is a business and entertainment district located in a portion of Colonia Juárez, near the center of Mexico City. Photo: Virtual Raider, CC BY 2.0.

refers to an area of Mexico City north of Park. Photo: Matthew Rutledge, CC BY 2.0.

Colonia is probably the most important colony in Mexico City. Photo: StellarD, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Desierto de los Leones National Park is located entirely within the limits of the Federal District; it stretches between and Álvaro Obregón boroughs. Photo: Rage against, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is in the western area of Mexico City. It is the newest and most modern district of the… Photo: Serge Saint, CC BY 2.0.

San Ángel is a colonia or neighborhood of Mexico City, located in the southwest in Álvaro Obregón borough. Photo: StellarD, CC BY-SA 4.0.

is in the northern part of Mexico City, part of the delegación of Gustavo A. Photo: ProtoplasmaKid, CC BY-SA 4.0.

, or simply "Satelite", is part of the metropolitan area of Mexico City. Photo: iivangm, CC BY 2.0.

Localities in the Area

Cuauhtémoc, named after the former Aztec leader, is one of the 16 boroughs of Mexico City. Photo: Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.5.

Gustavo A. Madero is one of the 16 municipalities into which Mexico City is divided. Photo: GAED, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Venustiano Carranza is one of the 16 boroughs of Mexico City. Photo: Wikimedia, Public domain.

Mexico City

19.4326° or 19° 25' 57.4" north
-99.1332° or 99° 7' 59.5" west
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Also Known As

  • Achinese: Banda Meksiko
  • Afar: Mexiko
  • Afrikaans: Meksikostad
  • Albanian: Meksika
  • Albanian: Meksiko
  • Amharic: ሜክሲኮ ከተማ
  • Arabic: Syudad han Mehiko
  • Arabic: مدينة المكسيك
  • Arabic: مدينة مكسيكو
  • Arabic: ميكسيكو سيتي
  • Arabic: ميهكو سيتي
  • Aragonese: Ciudat de Mexico
  • Armenian: Մեխիկո
  • Armenian: Մեքսիքօ
  • Asturian: Ciudá de Méxicu
  • Aymara: Mïxiku marka
  • Azerbaijani: Mexiko
  • Bashkir: Мехико
  • Basque: Mexiko Hiria
  • Bavarian: Mexiko-Stod
  • Bavarian: Mexiko Stod
  • Belarusian: Мехіка
  • Belarusian: Мэхіка
  • Bengali: মেক্সিকো
  • Bengali: মেক্সিকো শহর
  • Bengali: মেক্সিকো সিটি
  • Bhojpuri: मैक्सिको सिटी
  • Bosnian: Ciudad de México
  • Bosnian: Mexico City
  • Breton: Kêr-Vec'hiko
  • Bulgarian: Мексико
  • Burmese: မက္ကဆီကိုမြို့
  • Catalan: Ciudad de México
  • Catalan: Ciutat de Mèxic
  • Catalan: Mèxic D.F.
  • Catalan: Mèxic DF
  • Catalan: México D.F.
  • Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Mehiko
  • Central Bikol: Mexico
  • Central Kurdish: مەکسیکۆ سیتی
  • Chavacano: Ciudad de Mexico
  • Chechen: Мехико
  • Chinese: México Chhī
  • Chinese: 墨西哥城
  • Chuvash: Мехико
  • Cornish: Cita Mexico
  • Corsican: Cità di u Messicu
  • Crimean Tatar: Mehiko
  • Croatian: Ciudad de México
  • Czech: Ciudad de México
  • Danish: Mexico City
  • Dimli (individual language): Meksiko City
  • Dotyali: मेक्सिको सिटी
  • Dutch: Mexico-Stad
  • Dutch: Mexico-stad
  • Eastern Mari: Мехико
  • Egyptian Arabic: ميكسيكو سيتى
  • English: CDMX
  • English: City of Mexico
  • English: Ciudad de México
  • English: Mexico City, Mexico
  • English: Mexico D.F.
  • Erzya: Мехико
  • Esperanto: Meksik-urbo
  • Esperanto: Meksiko
  • Esperanto: Meksikurbo
  • Estonian: México
  • Extremaduran: Ciá de Méjicu
  • Faroese: Meksikobýur
  • Fiji Hindi: Mexico City
  • Finnish: Mexico City
  • Finnish: México
  • French: Cité de Mexico
  • French: Cité du Mexique
  • French: Ciudad de México
  • French: Mexico
  • French: Mexico City
  • French: ville de Mexico
  • Galician: Cidade de México
  • Galician: Ciudad de México
  • Galician: México, D.F.
  • Galician: مکزیکو سیتی
  • Georgian: მეხიკო
  • German: Ciudad de México
  • German: DF
  • German: Distrito Federal
  • German: Mexico City
  • German: Mexiko-Stadt
  • Gilaki: مکزیکو سیتی
  • Greek: Πόλη του Μεξικού
  • Guarani: Méjiko táva
  • Guarani: Táva Méhiko
  • Guianese Creole French: Mexico
  • Gujarati: મેક્સિકો શહેર
  • Gujarati: મેક્સિકો સિટી
  • Haitian: Meksiko
  • Hakka Chinese: México Sṳ
  • Hausa: Kūlanakauhale ʻo Mekiko
  • Hausa: Mexico
  • Hausa: México Sṳ
  • Hawaiian: Mēkiko D.F.
  • Hebrew: מקסיקו סיטי
  • Hindi: मेक्सिको नगर
  • Hindi: मेक्सिको सिटी
  • Hindi: मैक्सिको शहर
  • Hungarian: Ciudad de México
  • Hungarian: Mexikóváros
  • Icelandic: Mexíkóborg
  • Ido: Mexiko
  • Ido: México
  • Iloko: Siudad ti Mehiko
  • Indonesian: Ciudad de México
  • Indonesian: Kota Meksiko
  • Indonesian: Mexico City
  • Indonesian: Mexico D.F.
  • Ingush: Мехико
  • Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association): Citate de Mexico
  • Interlingue: Cité de Mexico
  • Irish: Cathair Mheicsiceo
  • Italian: Città del Messico
  • Jamaican Creole English: Mexiko Siti
  • Japanese: メキシコシティ
  • Japanese: メキシコ市
  • Javanese: Kutha Mèksiko
  • Javanese: Mexico City
  • Kabiyè: Mɛkisiikoo
  • Kalaallisut: Mexico City
  • Kannada: ಮೆಕ್ಸಿಕೋ ನಗರ
  • Kara-Kalpak: Mexiko
  • Kazakh: Мехико
  • Kazakh: Мехико қаласы
  • Kikuyu: Mexico City
  • Kirghiz: Мехико
  • Korean: 멕시코 시
  • Korean: 멕시코시티
  • Kurdish: Meksîko
  • Ladin: Zitá dl Mexico
  • Ladino: Sivdad de Meksiko
  • Lao: Siudad ti Mehiko
  • Latin: Mexicopolis
  • Latin: urbs Mexicum
  • Latvian: Mehiko
  • Lezghian: Мехико
  • Ligurian: Çittæ do Mescico
  • Limburgan: Mexico-stad
  • Lingala: Mbóka ya Mexiko
  • Literary Chinese: 墨西哥城
  • Lithuanian: Meksikas
  • Livvi: Mehiko
  • Lojban: mexygu'e tcadu
  • Lombard: Cità del Messich
  • Low German: Mexiko-Stadt
  • Luxembourgish: Mexiko-Stad
  • Macedonian: Град Мексико
  • Macedonian: Мексико
  • Macedonian: Мексико Сити
  • Malagasy: Mexico
  • Malay: Bandar Raya Mexico
  • Malayalam: മെക്സിക്കോ സിറ്റി
  • Maltese: Belt tal-Messiku
  • Marathi: मेक्सिको शहर
  • Marathi: मेक्सिको सिटी
  • Mazanderani: مکزیکوسیتی
  • Min Dong Chinese: México Chê
  • Min Nan Chinese: México Chhī
  • Mingrelian: მეხიკო
  • Mixtepec Mixtec: Nkoyo
  • Mongolian: Мехико
  • Mongolian: Мехико Хот
  • N'Ko: ߡߍߞߛߌߞߏ߫
  • N'Ko: ߡߍߞߛߌߞߏ߫ ߛߏ
  • Navajo: Naakaii Bikin Haalʼá
  • Neapolitan: Città ddò Messeco
  • Neapolitan: Città ddò Messico
  • Northern Frisian: Meksiko-Stääd
  • Northern Luri: مکزیکوسیتی
  • Northern Sami: Meksiko gávpot
  • Norwegian: Mexico by
  • Norwegian Bokmål: Mexico by
  • Norwegian Nynorsk: Mexico by
  • Novial: Mexiko Urbe
  • Nyanja: Mexico City
  • Occitan (post 1500): CDMX
  • Occitan (post 1500): Ciutat de Mexic
  • Old English (ca. 450-1100): Mexicoburg
  • Oriya: ମେକ୍ସିକୋ ସହର
  • Ossetian: Мехико
  • Panjabi: ਮੈਕਸੀਕੋ ਸ਼ਹਿਰ
  • Papiamento: Ciudad di Mexico
  • Persian: مکزیکو
  • Persian: مکزیکوسیتی
  • Persian: مکزیکو سیتی
  • Picard: Méssico
  • Piemontese: Sità dël Méssich
  • Pitcairn-Norfolk: Meksikoe Sitii
  • Polish: Meksyk
  • Portuguese: Cidade do México
  • Quechua: Mihiku llaqta
  • Quechua: Mishiku llaqta
  • Romanian: Ciudad de México
  • Romanian: Mexico
  • Romanian: Mexico City
  • Romansh: Citad da Mexico
  • Russia Buriat: Мехико хото
  • Russian: Мехико
  • Rusyn: Мексіко Сіті
  • Samoan: Mexico Siti
  • Samogitian: Meksėks
  • Santali: ᱢᱮᱠᱥᱤᱠᱚ ᱥᱤᱴᱤ
  • Santali: ᱢᱮᱠᱥᱤᱠᱚ ᱱᱟᱜᱟᱨ
  • Sardinian: Tzitade de su Mèssicu
  • Saterfriesisch: Mexiko-Stääd
  • Scots: Mexico Ceety
  • Scottish Gaelic: Meagsago
  • Serbian: Meksiko Siti
  • Serbian: Мексико
  • Serbian: Мексико Сити
  • Serbo-Croatian: Ciudad Mexico
  • Serbo-Croatian: Ciudad de Mexico
  • Serbo-Croatian: Ciudad de México
  • Shona: Mexico City
  • Sicilian: Cità dû Messicu
  • Sicilian: Cità dû Mèssicu
  • Silesian: Meksyk
  • Sinhala: මෙක්සිකෝ නගරය
  • Slovak: Mexiko
  • Slovenian: Ciudad de Mexico
  • Slovenian: Ciudad de México
  • South Azerbaijani: مکزیکو سیتی
  • Spanish: CDMX
  • Spanish: Cd Méx
  • Spanish: Ciudad de Mexico
  • Spanish: Ciudad de Méjico
  • Spanish: Ciudad de México
  • Spanish: D. F.
  • Spanish: DF
  • Spanish: Distrito Federal
  • Spanish: Mexico D.F.
  • Spanish: Mexico DF
  • Spanish: México
  • Spanish: México, D.F.
  • Spanish: México DF
  • Spanish: México Distrito Federal
  • Spanish: Valle de México
  • Swahili: Mexico
  • Swedish: Mexico City
  • Swiss German: Mexiko-Stadt
  • Tagalog: Lungsod ng Mehiko
  • Tagalog: Lungsod ng México
  • Tagalog: México
  • Tajik: Мехико
  • Tajik: Шаҳри Мексика
  • Tamil: மெக்சிகோ நகரம்
  • Tamil: மெக்சிக்கோ நகரம்
  • Tamil: மெக்ஸிகோ நகரம்
  • Tamil: மெக்ஸிகோ ஸிடி
  • Tatar: Мехико
  • Telugu: మెక్సికో నగరం
  • Telugu: మెక్సికో సిటీ
  • Thai: Mexico City
  • Thai: เม็กซิโกซิตี
  • Tibetan: མེག་སི་ཀོ་གྲོང་།
  • Tosk Albanian: Mexiko-Stadt
  • Turkish: Ciudad de Mexico
  • Turkish: Meksiko
  • Turkmen: Mehiko
  • Twi: Ciudad de México
  • Udmurt: Мехико
  • Uighur: مېكسىكا شەھىرى
  • Ukrainian: Мехіко
  • Upper Sorbian: Mexiko-město
  • Urdu: میکسیکو شہر
  • Uzbek: Mexiko shahri
  • Venetian: Sità del Mèsego
  • Venetian: Sità del Mèsico
  • Veps: Mehiko
  • Vietnamese: Ciudad de Mexico
  • Vietnamese: Thành phố México
  • Volapük: Ciudad de México
  • Võro: México
  • Waray (Philippines): Syudad han Mehiko
  • Welsh: Dinas Mecsico
  • Welsh: Dinas Mexico
  • Western Armenian: Մեքսիքօ Սիթի
  • Western Frisian: Meksiko-Stêd
  • Western Mari: Мехико
  • Western Panjabi: میکسیکو شہر
  • Wu Chinese: 墨西哥城
  • Yakut: Мехико
  • Yiddish: מעקסיקא שטאט
  • Yoruba: Ìlú Mẹ́ksíkò
  • Yue Chinese: 墨西哥城
  • Zeeuws: Mexico-Stad
  • Altepetl Mexihco
  • Cetate d'u Messeche
  • Meksikoe Citii
  • Thành phố Mexico
  • Çittæ do Méscico
  • Āltepētl Mēxihco
  • מעקסיקע שטאט

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