Lesser Antilles

The Lesser Antilles are an archipelago in the southeastern , forming a barrier between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. These islands were the first part of the New World to be settled and colonized by Europeans.

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is a nation consisting primarily of two , and , just off the northeastern coast of . Photo: Wikimedia, CC0.

are two that form a country that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east-southeast of , off the coast of . Photo: Z dead, CC BY 2.0.

Should not be confused with the nation of the . Photo: Wikimedia, CC0.

is a group of three larger islands and several tiny islands in the . Photo: Dirk.heldmaier, CC BY-SA 3.0.


is an island nation in the , north of . Photo: Nikonian, CC BY 3.0.

are a pair of tropical islands in the , about one-third of the way from to . Photo: Inkey, CC BY-SA 2.5.

is a that is an overseas department of in the Caribbean Sea, north of St. Photo: Wikimedia, CC0.

is an island in the region, but which lies out in the Atlantic many miles east of the Caribbean Sea. Photo: ben124, CC BY 2.0.

is an island nation in the . It is called the "Helen of the West Indies". Photo: Wikimedia, CC0.

The constitute an unincorporated organized territory of the between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of . Photo: Fred Hsu, CC BY-SA 3.0.

, known as Gwadloup in the local creole, and sometimes known as the Butterfly Island… Photo: Wikimedia, CC0.

The are a self-governing overseas territory in the just to the north-east of the . Photo: Jackie, CC BY 2.0.

is a French island in the among the Leeward Islands. Photo: Starus, CC BY-SA 3.0.

is an island in the Caribbean that is split between the French collectivity of and the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten. Photo: UpstateNYer, CC BY 3.0.

is a British overseas territory in the . Photo: onj, CC BY 3.0.

The British Overseas Territory of is an island in the , south-east of . Photo: Pat Hawks, CC BY 3.0.

, locally known as Statia, is a small Dutch island in the . Photo: Whellebrand, CC BY-SA 3.0.

, known as "the Unspoiled Queen" due to the protection of its unique ecosystem, is a 13-km² volcanic island in the Leeward Islands. Photo: Radioflux, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Lesser Antilles

Latitude of center
13.25° or 13° 15' north
Longitude of center
-61.174° or 61° 10' 26.4" west

Also Known As

  • Achinese: Antilles Cut
  • Afrikaans: Klein-Antille
  • Afrikaans: Klein Antille
  • Arabic: Antillas Menores
  • Arabic: جزر الأنتيل الصغرى
  • Armenian: Փոքր Անտիլյան կղզիներ
  • Asturian: Antilles Menores
  • Azerbaijani: Kiçik Antil adaları
  • Basque: Antilla Txikiak
  • Belarusian: Малыя Антыльскія астравы
  • Bosnian: Mali Antili
  • Breton: Antilhez Bihanañ
  • Breton: Inizi Karib
  • Bulgarian: Малки Антили
  • Bulgarian: Малки Антилски острови
  • Bulgarian: Малките Антили
  • Bulgarian: Малките Антилски острови
  • Catalan: Petites Antilles
  • Cebuano: Lesser Antilles
  • Chinese: Sió Antilles Kûn-tó
  • Chinese: 加勒比群岛
  • Chinese: 小安地列斯群島
  • Chinese: 小安的列斯群岛
  • Chinese: 細安地列斯群島
  • Croatian: Mali Antili
  • Czech: Malé Antily
  • Danish: De små antiller
  • Danish: Små Antiller
  • Dimli (individual language): Antilê Qıckeki
  • Dutch: Kleine Antillen
  • English: Caribbees
  • Esperanto: Malgrandaj Antiloj
  • Estonian: Väikesed Antillid
  • Faroese: Smáu Antilloyggjar
  • Faroese: Smærru Antilloyggjar
  • Finnish: Caribbees
  • Finnish: Pienet Antillit
  • French: Petites Antilles
  • Galician: Antillas Menores
  • Galician: Pequenas Antillas
  • Georgian: მცირე ანტილის კუნძულები
  • German: Kleine Antillen
  • Greek: Μικρές Αντίλες
  • Greek: Μικρές Αντίλλες
  • Hakka Chinese: Séu Antilles Khiùn-tó
  • Hausa: Séu Antilles Khiùn-tó
  • Hebrew: האנטילים הקטנים
  • Hindi: लेसर एंटीलेस
  • Hungarian: Kis-Antillák
  • Icelandic: Litlu-Antillaeyjar
  • Indonesian: Antillen Kecil
  • Indonesian: Antilles Kecil
  • Indonesian: Kepulauan Antillen Kecil
  • Indonesian: Kepulauan Antilles Kecil
  • Italian: Piccole Antille
  • Japanese: 小アンチル諸島
  • Japanese: 小アンティル諸島
  • Korean: 소안틸레스 제도
  • Korean: 소앤틸리스제도
  • Korean: 소앤틸리스 제도
  • Kurdish: Antîlên Biçûk
  • Kurdish: Antîlên biçûk
  • Kurdish: ئانتیلێن بچووک
  • Ladin: Ijules dl Caribe
  • Latin: Antillae Minores
  • Latvian: Mazās Antiļas
  • Latvian: Mazās Antiļu salas
  • Lithuanian: Mažieji Antilai
  • Lithuanian: Mažosios Antilų salos
  • Lithuanian: Mažųjų Antilų salynas
  • Lombard: Antil Piscininn
  • Lower Sorbian: Małe Antile
  • Luxembourgish: Kleng Antillen
  • Macedonian: Мали Антили
  • Malay: Antillen Kecil
  • Min Dong Chinese: Nâung Antilles Gùng-dō̤
  • Min Nan Chinese: Sió Antilles Kûn-tó
  • Mingrelian: მორჩილი ანტილიშ კოკეფი
  • Northern Frisian: Letj Antilen
  • Occitan (post 1500): Petites Antilles
  • Persian: آنتیل کوچک
  • Persian: انتیل کوچک
  • Polish: Archipelag Małych Antyli
  • Polish: Małe Antyle
  • Portuguese: Antilhas Menores
  • Portuguese: Pequenas Antilhas
  • Romanian: Antilele Mici
  • Russian: Малые Антильские острова
  • Saterfriesisch: Litje Antillen
  • Scots: Lesser Antilles
  • Scottish Gaelic: Lesser Antilles
  • Serbian: Mali Antili
  • Serbian: Мали Антили
  • Serbo-Croatian: Mali Antili
  • Slovak: Malé Antily
  • Slovenian: Mali Antili
  • Spanish: Antillas Menores
  • Spanish: Pequenas Antillas
  • Spanish: Pequeñas Antillas
  • Swahili: Antili Ndogo
  • Swedish: "Mindre antillerna"
  • Swedish: Leewardöarna
  • Swedish: Små Antillerna
  • Swedish: Vindöarna
  • Swedish: Öarna under vinden
  • Swedish: Öarna över vinden
  • Swiss German: Kleine Antillen
  • Tamil: சிறிய அண்டிலிசு
  • Tamil: சிறிய அண்டிலுசு
  • Thai: Lesser Antilles
  • Thai: หมู่เกาะเลสเซอร์แอนทิลลิส
  • Thai: เลสเซอร์แอนทิลลีส
  • Tosk Albanian: Kleine Antillen
  • Turkish: Küçük Antiller
  • Udmurt: Пичи Антильской шормуӵъёс
  • Ukrainian: Малі Антильські острови
  • Upper Sorbian: Małe Antile
  • Urdu: انٹیلیز اصغر
  • Vietnamese: Antilles nhỏ
  • Vietnamese: Tiểu Antilles
  • Waray (Philippines): Antillas Menores
  • Welsh: Antilles Leiaf
  • Welsh: Antilles Lleiaf
  • Western Frisian: Lytse Antillen
  • Western Mari: Изи Антил ошмаотывлӓ
  • Wu Chinese: 小安的列斯群岛
  • Yue Chinese: 小安地列斯群島
  • Antillen Cilik

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