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São Paulo is the largest city in , with a municipality population of 12.1 million, and about 21.3 million in its metropolitan region - the second most populous of the Southern Hemisphere.

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São Paulo's city downtown area is where the city was founded, in 1554.

West is a region in . If the Downtown represents the São Paulo of the past, probably no other region represents the São Paulo of present day as well as the West.

is a region of . With about 2.7 million people, it is the most populous region and the main reduct of São Paulo's working classes, a true "City of Workers".

is a region of . It is the wealthiest region of the city on average, although it does contain some poorer areas, especially in the extreme south.


Northeast is a region of . A rural area turned residential, it is now known for its large exposition and event centers, and many of the city's largest events, including the São Paulo Carnaval Parade, happen here.

region is commonly used by people of São Paulo to refer to the area around Avenida .

Southeast is a region of . It can be described as a "transition zone" between its three surrounding regions: the Historic Center, the "City of New Rich" and the "City of Workers", mixing characteristics of these three regions.

is a region of . It is the largest region of the municipality of São Paulo, and although the second most populous, it is by far the least densely populated.

Northwest is a region of . It is mostly suburban and residencial similar to the Far East, with the difference that considerable portions of the region remain rural or unoccupied.

São Paulo

Other Names for São Paulo

  • Abkhazian: Сан-Паулу
  • Amharic: ሳው ፓውሉ
  • Arabic: ساو باولو
  • Armenian: Սան Պաուլու
  • Aymara: San Pauluw
  • Bashkir: Сан-Паулу
  • Basque: Sao Paulo
  • Belarusian: Сан-Паўлу
  • Bengali: সাঁউ পাউলু
  • Bishnupriya: সাও পাউলো
  • Bosnian: Sao Paulo
  • Bulgarian: Сао Пауло
  • Burmese: ဆောပိုလိုမြို့
  • Chuvash: Сан-Паулу
  • Crimean Tatar: San Paulu
  • Dhivehi: ސައޮ ޕައުލޯ
  • Eastern Mari: Сан-Паулу
  • Egyptian Arabic: ساو باولو
  • Esperanto: San-Paŭlo
  • French: São Paulo
  • Galician: San Paulo
  • Gan Chinese: 聖保羅
  • Georgian: სან-პაულუ
  • German: São Paulo
  • Greek: Σάο Πάολο
  • Haitian: São Paolo
  • Hebrew: סאו פאולו
  • Hindi: साओ पाउलो
  • Ido: Sao Paulo
  • Italian: San Paolo
  • Japanese: サンパウロ
  • Kalmyk: Сан-Паулу
  • Kannada: ಸಾವೊ ಪಾಲೊ
  • Komi: Сан-Паулу
  • Korean: 상파올로
  • Korean: 상파올루
  • Korean: 상파울로
  • Korean: 상파울루
  • Latin: Urbs Paulistana
  • Latvian: Sanpaulu
  • Lithuanian: San Paulas
  • Lojban: sankt. paulos
  • Macedonian: Сао Паоло
  • Malayalam: സാവോ പോളോ
  • Marathi: साओ पाउलो
  • Mazanderani: سائوپائولو
  • Mirandese: San Poulo
  • Narom: San Paulu
  • Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE): ܣܐܘ ܦܐܘܠܘ
  • Ossetian: Сан-Паулу
  • Persian: سائوپائولو
  • Piemontese: San Pàul ëd Brasil
  • Portuguese: Sampa
  • Portuguese: São Paulo
  • Portuguese: São Paulo capital
  • Russian: Сан-Паулу
  • Rusyn: Сан Пауло
  • Sardinian: Sao Paulo
  • Serbian: Сао Пауло
  • Serbo-Croatian: Sao Paulo
  • Sicilian: San Paulu dû Brasili
  • Spanish: São Paulo
  • Tajik: Сан-Паулу
  • Tamil: சாவோ பாவுலோ
  • Tatar: Сан-Паулу
  • Telugu: శఒ పౌలొ
  • Tetum: Saun Paulu
  • Thai: เซาเปาลู
  • Tok Pisin: San Paulu
  • Turkish: Sao Paulo
  • Turkmen: San-Paulu
  • Uighur: San Pawlo
  • Ukrainian: Сан-Паулу
  • Urdu: ساؤ پالو
  • Uzbek: San Paulu
  • Venetian: San Poło del Braxil
  • Walloon: Sawo Pålo
  • Western Panjabi: ساؤ پولو
  • Wu Chinese: 聖保羅
  • Yakut: Сан Паулу
  • Yiddish: סאו פאולא
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