Twice the size of France, and with a diversity of landscapes and cultures that would be hard to find even in countries five times its size, Colombia should by all rights be one of the world's top travel destinations.

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Bogotá's sheer size and violent reputation are intimidating for visitors, but the city opens up to the savvy traveler with incredible riches befitting the capital of Colombia, and one of the biggest cities in Latin America.

Medellín is the second largest city in Colombia. It has over 2 million people and is the capital of the department of Antioquia.

Cartagena or Cartagena de Indias is a city and a world heritage site in Bolívar, Colombia.


The Andean Highlands is a region in central-western Colombia.

The Costa Norte is a region in northern Colombia. One of the best ways to see the southernmost Caribbean islands or surrounding South American islands is via a cruise.

The Pacific Lowlands is a region in western Colombia.

Amazonia is the southernmost region of Colombia, blanketed by the green sea of trees spanning over 400,000 square kilometers—well more than a third of the country.

The Orinoquía is the "Wild East" of Colombia. Endless plains—Los Llanos—are dotted with livestock …

Colombia has several island territories in the Caribbean and in the Pacific.


  • Location: 
  • Population:  47,800,000
  • Latitude of center:  3° 43' 48" (3.73°) north
  • Longitude of center:  73° 7' 30" (73.125°) west
  • Elevation:  223 meters (732 feet)
  • Capital:  Bogota
  • Area:  1,138,910 km² (439,736 miles²)
  • Language:  Spanish
  • Currency:  Peso (COP)
  • Phone code:  57
  • Internet domain:  .co
  • Neighbors:  Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela
  • Wikidata:  Colombia
  • Wikimedia Commons:  Colombia

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Other Names for Colombia

  • Afrikaans:  Kolombië
  • Akan:  Kolombia
  • Albanian:  Kolumbi, Kolumbia
  • Amharic:  ኮሎምቢያ
  • Arabic:  كولومبيا
  • Armenian:  Կոլումբիա
  • Arpitan:  Colombie
  • Azerbaijani:  Kolumbiya
  • Bambara:  Kolombi
  • Basque:  Kolonbia
  • Belarusian:  Калумбія
  • Bengali:  কলম্বিয়া, কোলোম্বিয়া, কোলোম্বিয়া
  • Bosnian:  Kolumbija
  • Breton:  Kolombia
  • Bulgarian:  Колумбия
  • Burmese:  ကိုလံဘီယာ
  • Catalan:  Colòmbia
  • Central Khmer:  កូឡុំប៊ី
  • Chinese:  哥伦比亚, 哥伦比亚共和国
  • Cornish:  Kolombi
  • Croatian:  Kolumbija
  • Czech:  Kolumbie
  • English:  Republic of Colombia
  • Esperanto:  Kolombio
  • Estonian:  Columbia
  • Ewe:  Kolombia nutome
  • Faroese:  Kolombia
  • Finnish:  Kolumbia
  • French:  Colombie
  • Fulah:  Kolombiya
  • Ganda:  Kolombya
  • Georgian:  კოლუმბია
  • German:  Kolumbien
  • Greek:  Κολομβία
  • Gujarati:  કોલમ્બિયા
  • Haitian:  Kolonbi
  • Hausa:  Kolambiya
  • Hebrew:  קולומביה
  • Hindi:  कोलम्बिया
  • Hungarian:  Kolumbia
  • Icelandic:  Kólumbía
  • Ido:  Kolumbia
  • Indonesian:  Kolombia, Kolumbia
  • Irish:  An Cholóim
  • Japanese:  コロンビア, コロンビア共和国
  • Kannada:  ಕೊಲಂಬಿಯಾ
  • Kazakh:  Колумбия
  • Kikuyu:  Kolombia
  • Korean:  콜롬비아
  • Kurdish:  کۆلۆمبیا
  • Ladino:  Kolombia
  • Lao:  ໂຄລຳເບຍ
  • Latin:  Columbia
  • Latvian:  Kolumbija
  • Lingala:  Kolombi
  • Lithuanian:  Kolumbija
  • Low German:  Kolumbien
  • Luba-Katanga:  Kolombi
  • Macedonian:  Колумбија
  • Malagasy:  Kôlômbia
  • Malayalam:  കൊളംബിയ
  • Maltese:  Kolumbja
  • Manx:  Yn Cholombey
  • Marathi:  कोलम्बिया
  • Nauru:  Korombiya
  • Nepali (macrolanguage):  कोलोम्बिया
  • North Ndebele:  Kholombiya
  • Northern Sami:  Kolombia
  • Occitan (post 1500):  Colómbia
  • Oriya (macrolanguage):  କୋଲମ୍ବିଆ
  • Persian:  کلمبیا
  • Polish:  Kolumbia
  • Portuguese:  Colômbia
  • Pushto:  کولمبيا, کولمبیا
  • Quechua:  Kulumbiya, Kulumbya
  • Romanian:  Columbia
  • Romansh:  Columbia
  • Rundi:  Kolombiya
  • Russian:  Колумбия
  • Sango:  Kolombïi
  • Sanskrit:  कोलोम्बिया
  • Scottish Gaelic:  Coloimbia
  • Serbian:  Колумбија
  • Serbo-Croatian:  Kolumbija
  • Shona:  Kolombia
  • Sinhala:  කොළොම්බියාව
  • Slovak:  Kolumbia
  • Slovenian:  Kolumbija
  • Somali:  Kolombiya
  • Spanish:  República de Colombia
  • Swahili (macrolanguage):  Kolombia
  • Tajik:  Кулумбия
  • Tamil:  கொலம்பியா
  • Telugu:  కొలంబియా
  • Tetum:  Kolómbia
  • Thai:  ประเทศโคลอมเบีย, โคลอมเบีย, โคลัมเบีย
  • Tibetan:  ཀོ་ལོམ་བི་ཡ།, ཁོ་ལོམ་བི་ཡ།
  • Tigrinya:  ኮሎምቢያ
  • Tonga (Tonga Islands):  Kolomipia
  • Turkish:  Kolombiya
  • Uighur:  كولومبىيە
  • Ukrainian:  Колумбія
  • Urdu:  کولمبیا
  • Vietnamese:  Cô-lôm-bi-a (Colombia), Cô-lôm-bi-a
  • Volapük:  Kolumbän
  • Yiddish:  קאלאמביע
  • Yoruba:  Orílẹ́ède Kòlómíbìa
  • Zulu:  i-Colombia
  • Colombié
  • Columbien

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