Islands and territories tend to defy a tidy geographical hierarchy. On a planet covered 70% by interconnected oceans, in a literal sense every place is an island.

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Island is in the eastern part of the South Atlantic Ocean and is one of the world's most isolated islands.

refers both to an archipelago of fairly small islands in the middle of the and to the only inhabited island of the group.

is a British overseas territory consisting of the islands of Saint Helena and , together with the islands group.

are two groups of in the Southern Ocean east of the southern tip of South America, north of .


The islands of the Atlantic Ocean are - except for those in one concentrated region - scattered far and wide, with little in common but their relative obscurity.

is about in the Southern Ocean that are between 45 and 60 degrees south.

The islands of the Indian Ocean are a varied collection, including many of the smallest territories and one of the largest island nations.

The are a pair of rocky islands where borders the across the Bering Strait.

There is more than one region that could be considered part of the Islands of the Southern Ocean:


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