The Republic of Lebanon is a country in the at the Mediterranean Sea. It borders to the north and the east, and to the south. Though its small size, Lebanon has many great destinations, with some the world's oldest cities, and venues hard to find in other parts of the Middle East, such as vineyards, nightclubs, and ski resorts.

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is the capital city of with a population of approximately 2.1 million people in its metropolitan area.

is in , it is one of Beirut's oldest and most charming districts and is considered an important tourist outlet in Beirut where a great number of restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs are located.

is a city in northern . From Beirut's Charles Helou station, you can either take a bus, share a taxi with others or hire your own taxi.

is in . Prior to 1975, Street was referred to as Beirut's "Champs Elysées" as it was frequented by tourists all year round.


is a region of . The region is an outdoor adventure-lover's paradise.

is in . Southern Lebanon is a historian and archaeologist’s delight, with a history dating back to the Assyrians over 6,000 years ago.

Northern Lebanon uniquely blends the outdoors with extensive historical and cultural attractions.

The is a vast, open valley nestled in the east between 's two mountain ranges.

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  • Location: ,
  • Population: 4,130,000
  • Latitude of center: 33° 52' 13.4" (33.8704°) north
  • Longitude of center: 35° 49' 33.6" (35.826°) east
  • Elevation: 1210 meters (3970 feet)
  • Capital:
  • Area: 10,400 km² (4015 miles²)
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English and Armenian
  • Currency: Pound (LBP)
  • Phone code: 961
  • Internet domain: .lb
  • Neighbors: and
  • Wikidata: Lebanon
  • Wikimedia Commons: Lebanon

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Other Names for Lebanon

Afrikaans: Libanon, Akan: Lɛbanɔn, Albanian: Liban, Albanian: Libani, Amharic: ሊባኖስ, Arabic: Lubnān, Arabic: اَلْجُمْهُورِيَّة اَللُّبْنَانِيَّة, Arabic: لبنان, Aragonese: Libano, Armenian: Լիբանան, Arpitan: Liban, Bambara: Libaŋ, Basque: Libano, Belarusian: Ліван, Bengali: লেবানন, Bosnian: Liban, Bosnian: Libanon, Breton: Liban, Bulgarian: Ливан, Burmese: လက်ဘနွန်, Catalan: Líban, Central Khmer: លីបង់, Chinese: 黎巴嫩, Chuvash: Ливан, Cornish: Lebnon, Croatian: Libanon, Czech: Libanon, Danish: Libanon, Dutch: Libanon, Dzongkha: ལེ་བཱ་ནཱོན, English: Republic of Lebanon, Esperanto: Libana Respubliko, Esperanto: Libano, Estonian: Liibanon, Ewe: Lebanɔn nutome
Faroese: Libanon, Finnish: Libanon, French: Liban, Fulah: Libaa, Galician: Líbano - لبنان, Galician: Líbano, Ganda: Lebanoni, Georgian: ლიბანი, German: Libanon, Greek: Λίβανος, Gujarati: લેબનોન, Haitian: Liban, Hausa: Labanan, Hebrew: לבנון, Hindi: लेबनान, Hungarian: Libanon, Icelandic: Líbanon, Ido: Libano, Indonesian: Libanon, Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association): Libano, Irish: An Liobáin, Italian: Libano, Japanese: レバノン, Japanese: レバノン共和国, Kalaallisut: Libanon, Kannada: ಲೆಬನಾನ್, Kikuyu: Lebanoni, Korean: 레바논, Kurdish: Libnan, Kurdish: لوبنان, Lao: ເລບານອນ, Latin: Libanus, Latvian: Libāna, Limburgan: Libanon, Lingala: Libá
Lithuanian: Libanas, Low German: Libanon, Luba-Katanga: Liba, Macedonian: Либан, Macedonian: Либанон, Malagasy: Libana, Malay (macrolanguage): Lubnan, Malayalam: ലബനോണ്‍, Maltese: Libanu, Marathi: लेबानन, Nepali (macrolanguage): लेबनोन, North Ndebele: Lebhanoni, Northern Sami: Libanon, Norwegian: Libanon, Norwegian Bokmål: Libanon, Norwegian Nynorsk: Libanon, Occitan (post 1500): Liban, Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE): ܠܒܢܢ, Oriya (macrolanguage): ଲେବାନନ୍, Persian: لبنان, Polish: Liban, Portuguese: Líbano, Pushto: لبنان, Romanian: Liban, Romansh: Libanon, Rundi: Libani, Russian: Ливан, Sango: Libùaan, Serbian: Либан, Serbo-Croatian: Libanon, Sicilian: Lìbbanu, Sinhala: ලෙබනනය, Slovak: Libanon, Slovenian: Libanon, Somali: Lubnaan
Spanish: Líbano, Spanish: el país del cedro, Swahili (macrolanguage): Lebanoni, Swedish: Libanon, Tajik: Лубнон, Tamil: லெபனான், Telugu: లెబనాన్, Thai: ประเทศเลบานอน, Thai: เลบานอน, Tibetan: ལེབ་ནོན།, Tigrinya: ሊባኖስ, Tonga (Tonga Islands): Lepanoni, Turkish: Lübnan, Uighur: لىۋان, Ukrainian: Ліван, Upper Sorbian: Libanon, Urdu: لبنان, Uzbek: Livan, Vietnamese: Li-băng (Lebanon), Vietnamese: Li-băng, Vietnamese: Liban, Volapük: Lubnän, Welsh: Libanus, Western Frisian: Libanon, Yiddish: לבנון, Yiddish: לעוואנען, Yoruba: Orílẹ́ède Lebanoni, Zulu: i-Lebanon, Al Jumhūrīyah al Lubnānīyah, Lebanese Republic, République Libanaise, État du Grand Liban, الجمهورية اللبنانية
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