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Norway is the westernmost, northernmost — and surprisingly also the easternmost — of the three countries. Norway is known for the complex and deep fjords along its west coast, as well as the midnight sun and Northern Lights.

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is the second largest city in and the most popular gateway to the fjords of .

is 's capital and largest city, with 650,000 citizens.

is a city in the very northernmost part of .


South Norway, in Norway called or Sørlandet, is the southernmost region of .

is a region in south-eastern , which contains the capital , as well as half of the country's 5 million inhabitants.

is Europe's northernmost region mostly north of the Arctic Circle.

is a group of islands located between the Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, Greenland Sea, and the Norwegian Sea.

, alternative spelling Tröndelag, is a region of , sometimes referred to as Middle Norway.

, Vestlandet, is a region of with 1.3 million citizens, famous for its fjords and mountainous sceneries.


  • Location:  ,
  • Population:  5,010,000
  • Latitude of center:  62° north
  • Longitude of center:  10° east
  • Elevation:  740 meters (2,428 feet)
  • Capital: 
  • Area:  324,220 km² (125,182 miles²)
  • Languages:  Norwegian, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Northern Sami and Finnish
  • Currency:  Krone (NOK)
  • Phone code:  47
  • Internet domain:  .no
  • Neighbors:  , and
  • Wikidata:  Norway
  • Wikimedia Commons:  Norway

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